Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stormtalon – Ravenwing wip 1

I really like the idea of aerial units as an addition to the game. I know at this point, aside from the space marine codex, no other marine armies can use these units. Since I’ve been collecting dark angels since I first got into the hobby, I’ve amassed a fair amount of ravenwing as well. I can proxy these models in for a white scars army.


  1. Wow you got this really fast! Where you got it from?

  2. Picked it up on sat night from FA.

  3. Do you like the design of the Ravenwing? I find it ugly, and chunky, looks like it could be made to go with leggo figures, but I'm sure you will make it look good with a good paint job.

  4. I do find it sort of blocky but not to the point where it’s ugly. I grow to like them  I think warhammer 40k models do struggle with proportions. Everything in the 40k line sort of reminds me of a video game called “metal slug” and “advanced wars”. To be honest, I admire other hobbyists who go the extra distance to make all their models “tru-scale”. In my opinion those proportions better match the current generation of 40k artwork.



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