Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Battle Report: Dust Warfare

Had a good game with Melvin today. 200 AP a side with Melvin playing Allies and myself, the Axis. Great terrain since this was his house. 

Also, this was Melvin's 3rd game so we took it easy. There was a major error too as we forgot that Radioman only affects 1 unit but Melvin was giving commands to his units way beyond the 12". We played on anyway as it was in Turn 4 that we realised this error. 

Mission was Eliminate the Enemy (KP for each unit destroyed), deployment was 24" in quarters.

Deployment from my table edge

I took the corner building and put my Sniper at the 3rd level while the rest of the army deployed behind this building. I planned to take out 1 or 2 units as he closed in due to my superior range of 30-36"

Meanwhile Melvin spread his units out

Inf3 so I deployed them further forward

First Turn moves. Nothing much happened on my side.

While Melvin moved up most of his units. His walker moved up to engage my walker

Hugging terrain, Melvin used it to his advantage

Meanwhile he moves up more of his units on the right flank in Turn 2. I took out one of his men using  my Sniper so they moved ASAP behind the terrain

Heavy Laser and Flak tried to take out the unit in front but they were blessed! One guy stands alone.

At the end of Turn 3 I spread my Command unit out to try to repair my heavily damaged Ludwig (3 wounds from 1 shot). 

Managed to remove one pip of damage. I moved my Ludwig back to my lines. I had little motivation to engage him as he crossed the open areas. 

Meanwhile these same guys keep the pressure on still unable to kill him!

Combined fire from Sniper and Ludwig reduced this unit to 2 men. I poured all fire into this unit

Finally in Turn 4 I managed to kill off the single man standing in the open. Melvin started moving his other units behind the rear building to take out my Heavy Laser Grenadiers. Melvin won back 1AP and it was now effectively draw at Turn 5.

One last man standing from that unit so I moved my last unit into the open to engage him. Rolled 6 dice  and managed to generate 4 hits. He was toast~! 
Barely managed to scrape a win here but it was good fun although I felt that I have to move about a little more. The building while was very powerful meant that the game was a little static since I didn't move out all, depending on my guns from long range. This was after all my first 200AP game so I may have played a little defensively. 


  1. Great report mate, cheers!

    I played my first game of warfare last night. It was a big change from my many games of tactics, but I loved it!

    1. Thanks Peter! Keep watching our blog as i am in love wi the game. Subscribe and you'll get regular updates through the automated thingamajig. You got any battle reports of your own?



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