Friday, June 29, 2012

Quick look & review - rural church from battlefront

You've got to love a great piece of terrain on the tabletop. And no other game needs it as much (ok in exaggerating here) as flames of war.

I ordered this rural church as soon as it was released as I wanted to collect all the new terrain pieces from battlefront this year onwards.

When it arrived my heart broke as I saw that the packaging was destroyed. But upon opening up the miniature I'm glad to say that the styrofoam packaging inside the actual product protected it thoroughly. Unlike the previous rural farm houses, which came in a million pieces.

As you can see in the pics this is a huge building. Complete with space for an observer team and many units to hide within the confines of the walls.

Another great terrain lot from the makers of flames of war. Definitely worth the £19. Preprinted terrain at its best Value : quality ratio hands down.

1 comment:

  1. Holy chit! Looks like someone used it as a kickball! I used to work for the Postal Service and I would be ashamed of myself to deliver that on behalf of the mail service. GAH!

    Should give them good write up on packaging as well as the quality in an email. They would appreciate it....they may get a laugh out of the box also!



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