Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dust Warfare: Easy Tokens

We have been playing Dust recently and those play it know that tokens feature quite heavily in the game. And although there are not many different types of tokens. Keeping them properly represented certainly helps keep the game flowing smoothly. So today I am showing how I did mine and how I use them.

There are many types of tokens that have already been created, namely printing out the official token counters provided at the back of the core rulebook. As well as many other more fanciful types that make use of the small plastic pieces found under all Dust miniatures. Some even combined for a great effect! However for those without the luxury of access to printers or those who do not wish to fiddle around with paper counters. I have some suggestions. 

In this post I only have tokens that represent the 2 most frequently used counters in the game. The Suppresion & Reaction Token. I have not played enough games to fully utilize the Camo & Blind tokens but those will probably be addressed in a future post. For today lets see how I approach Suppression & Reaction. 

Like I mentioned I have opted to use the small plastic pieces which I removed from the bases of all my Dust miniatures. I have using fiddly and easily crushed paper counters. The small plastic pieces come printed on one side a nice Dust: Tactics logo. And I'm planning on using them as "Reaction" counters. Since the reaction counter is officially represented by a running figure (not idea why as a reaction does not necessarily mean a running action in the game) I figured using that would work without a hitch. After all we just needed a token to signify that the unit had reacted to something. For the suppression marker, I replicated the "Blast" icon which is shown in the official tokens. I opted to simply use red paint rather than print it out and sticking it like I mentioned above. Here they are.

Like I mentioned the counters work both ways. Flip it over and its a reaction marker!
Let's see how it looks like in game terms shall we?
Here we have a unit of Grim Reapers being Suppressed and Reacted. 
And here we have a Walker with a Suppress token. Note that Vehicles cannot be suppressed so this is to remind us that we need to roll on the vehicle damage table and remove it shortly after. Notice the die there? Since Dust Warfare does not use D6's. I figured it would be easier to use them as wound counters rather than stacking a number of vehicle damage counters and having to lug around so many counters (and having to count them) each time it moves or gets damaged. This also effectively negates the need for making any wound counters for both troops and vehicles. Just simply use dice!

I'll try to see what solutions I can come up with for the other tokens to be used within the game. But in the meantime I guess this will do while we try to get more games in.

I hope that this provides a quick and easy way of getting those mandatory suppression and reaction markers into your games of Dust Warfare!

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