Thursday, May 27, 2010

WIP Veteran Guardsmen Part 2.

Well sad to say my progress has been halted due to being extremely busy as it was the last few days of school. But rejoice as the Mid-year June holidays have officially begun!

Here was where I came to a standstill. Painting all the greens on my squad.

First layer of paint was Catachan Green. Followed by a light drybrush of Catachan green/Camo green 50/50% mix. Badeb Black was carefully washed into the recesses of the mini. Then finished off with a a highlight of Camo Green.
And to my surprise not one but two parcels arrived today! One is from Paulson games. I ordered 2 sets of Dreadnought Combat talons for my Blood Angels. These fit Ironclad dreadnoughts to make them bloodtaloned dreads. Anyone who needs some contact me as these are spare. (unfortunately I forgot I ordered 2 sets of Forgeworld Dreadnought arms as well!, Don't ask me why I ordered so many, I got too excited when I saw these and simply ordered without thinking. Gulp...)

The other parcel was from Maelstrom! I knew I had to have that Space Marine statue the moment I saw it. And with my BA army in progress I saw it as a perfect time to get some themed terrain in as well. Also ordered a little paint. Basically I wanted to try out P3 paints as I've been hearing nothing but good things about them.

That's it for now. I guess more painting is in order!


  1. Thanks for the link Melv! I just found BONESWORDS!

    great work btw. Jason and I just completed our painting session and I am sure you will his work very soon. I'll update mine tomorrow.

  2. The Resin parts on the site looks ace man! Glad to hear your parcels have reached :) I also can relate to the feeling of wargaming goodness arriving in the mail ;)

  3. Guys, I need all the Monstrous Boneswords you can find. I only have 2 at the moment and really need 2 more.

    It really is the best feeling to get minis in the mail. It's like Christmas!



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