Friday, May 21, 2010

Wet Palette Painting

I'm not sure if you guys have tried. Wet Palette painting. This is godsend I tell you. Paints will remain fresh forever like straight from the pot for hours on end! Go try it. I tried and now I can never paint without it. It will save you sooo much time from constantly opening and closing you pots to take paint. And also save sooo much paint that is otherwise dried on the normal palette. It's amazing like magic!

Here's a WIP shot of me using my wet palette!

Try it if you guys haven't. You will never turn back!


  1. The wet palette looks like a great idea! I'll definitely be giving it a go. Thanks for sharing man! The article was very helpful :))

  2. Where did you buy the "parchment" paper? ntuc got?

  3. It's basically baking paper. I got mine from NTUC for about $3.50.
    It's "Glad-Bake non-stick baking & cooking paper".

    I saw some at art friend too. But expect to pay almost 5times the price more. That's parchment paper I guess.....

  4. Thx, will look for "Glad-Bake non-stick baking & cooking paper".

  5. Thanks for that article Melvin! Its something I have often considered to stop the stupid paint mixes from drying so quickly. I bet it will help wi blending as well.

    Melv, you still in the 40k scene?

  6. Yes Ray, the wet palette will keep your mixed paints perfect for use for a long period of time.

    I don't really know if the term "in the scene" still applies to me anymore. Ever since GW closed I guess I have been out of the scene for both fantasy and 40k.

    But basically it's been pretty much 40k armies collecting and painting all these while. It's been my Imperial Guard all the way. And a little Death Guard which halted abruptly.

    Fantasy wise it's a little painting here and there of my infinite amount of Empire and Dark Elves. Nothing can ever be achieved. I basically missed the entire 7th edition of fantasy....

    Did a Mechanized "Leafblower" 2000pts army when the new IG codex came out last year. Will get a post on them soon.

  7. Great to hear from you again Melv.

    I don't know if you are aware but I am currently based in HK. I will return July 2010 and YC has taken over reins of Gaming Overlord so now all gaming is at his place.

    When I do move back to SG, YanXian and I will have an apartment all to ourselves. We have the space and would open it to you guys to come and play too!

    We even have a jacuzzi on the roof so we can play upstairs too if you guys wanna get some sun!

    Melv, post more pics and certainly welcome to post more articles. I think I am going to name you our Resident Painter.

    We will have to organise for you to do painting classes for us.



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