Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wargames history - enrgie Edition

Looks like reminiscing is all around us!

Going down memory lane, my first foray into the wonderful world of wargaming started with this one issue of White Dwarf 172 with Blood Bowl being released.

I happened to pick this issue up from MPH in Malaysia. I was only 14. I still remember Mike McVey who did an article on converting none other than the Blood Angels Captain on the 2nd edition of Warhammer40k.

He also did a conversion for an Eldar Dire Avenger from the 2nd Ed 40k Eldar Cover.

So with these two, I was really curious what this 40k was. I was 14 and money was really hard to come by. With the Ringgit so weak compared to the Pound, it was 1:5 then. I saved like all of you guys and bought my first squad of Space Wolves Grey Hunters. All metal, I saved up to get paints and a brush. We didn't really play since all my friends weren't really interested with the game. 

I kept those model away for another 3 years until I arrived in Singapore. Studying at NJ, my friend Kai Chan loves comics. He brought me to Comics Mart at Serene Centre and I found White Dwarf. It was one evening after school when I bumped into Melvin (Beef Nuggets). I went over to his place and played my first Fantasy game. He had DE by then. 

I then picked up Michael's High Elves who was selling it. Started painting them and still bought more models. It was in University that I really picked up the pace. It was also during this period that I brought the miniatures back to Malaysia with me and introduced 40k to my cousin Joash. We jointly got the 3rd Ed 40k boxed set. I actually had a friend fly back from the UK with the set for me! Met with YC sometime in 2nd year of Uni and we kept building our armies. James then started his Tau army. My cousin Hong Yew joined too with his Imperial Guard! 

We were playing on a semi regular basis at PI then at my place at Lakeside. I think it was at one of these games we met Sam at PI and invited him to come over to my place. 

Eventually life crept up and we grew up to be working adults.

Fast Forward again, I moved to Hong Kong and the gaming community here is united. With beautiful terrain and competitive play, I was back into it. I played every Sunday and spent weekdays painting. 

I hope that we can grow ourselves a team of core players - a club of sorts. I know we will always have distractions and life, but I somehow know deep down that we will keep gaming - just how often. 



  1. hahaha magazines got you hooked too.

  2. Indeed the magazine did! That's why WD holds a special place in my heart. Did you know that I have almost every issue until 2008 when it started to become an advertorial instead of a magazine simply because I held that love for the magazine. Silly but I eventually decided it was not good.

    Then in 2009 I started picking it up again but even then only those issues that made sense. Too much LOTR and I won't get it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your wargaming journey ;) Its really interesting to also read how all our paths crossed and we all met up :))

    I've come to see Serene Centre (especially Comics Mart) was a place where we all came to at one point or another. Its like a major gaming nexus there man lol! I will miss it.

  4. Sam I think it was CM at Serene was a good place simply because it was quite popular. Now that PI is the popular spot, maybe we'll see more fresh blood there.

    I actually have an idea to use to recruit more people to our group.

    If you notice in our group history, we have "collected" like minded individuals. Almost like the Space Marines, we weeded out those that we didn't think fit our culture. We're quite unique! LOL!

    I'm looking forward to us growing!

  5. Ahh...yes...its coming back to me now..I remember playing Magic cards on the second(?) floor of the building haha!

    Hope to see the group grow too :))



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