Friday, May 28, 2010

WIP: Termagants Part 3

Just finished a 3 hour painting session at Jason's place yesterday. It's always good to have a friend around to talk while you paint. Makes painting less boring and more interactive.

Anyways, here are the fruits of my labour. I worked on the weapon symbiotes (Scab Red + Mechrite Red) and the carapace armour (Warlock Purple). These are the base layers for 2 more layers each.


  1. I must say your Termagants are coming along very nicely man! Great work on the carapace too :)

  2. Thanks man! They are still far from complete. I will be taking more pictures with my digital camera and proper lighting when I have completed them.

    Boneswords, I need them!

  3. Wat are boneswords good for anyway? Abit out of toych liao. Tyranid power weapons? The usual not enuff on sprue thing?

  4. Boneswords:
    No armour saves and wounded models must pass a Ld test or suffer Instant Death. If the attacker has 2 Boneswords, the Ld test is taken on 3D6.

    I am trying to do a conversion for the Swarmlord who is a special character for the Nids. He is a very good commander for Nid hordes.

    I have 2 Boneswords at the moment but the Swarmlord carries 4 Boneswords. Do you have any spare or have seen people with extra?



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