Thursday, May 27, 2010

All the colours of the rainbow - better to eat you with

Hehe, found this on BoLS and thought it was funny so I am sharing it here!

Who else has a Nid army? We need to do an Apoc game with all the Nids on one side!


  1. I have a Nid army deal and some more stuff I bought in Games workshop HK quite a while ago. Early 4th edition Nids. About 1.5pts I'm guessing.

  2. I have not seen them before Melv. Got any pics? They ready?

  3. ray... i think i'm gonna buy some mc's... i wanna paint them white... kinda like fish that have evolved in the absence of light... i dig the hive tyrant and carnifex designs... what u think?

  4. It's all assembled. But I don't think the army composition is up to date at all. Judging from the army lists I've seen recently.

    Painting wise.... Haha. I painted up one test model. And that's it!

    The wife has picked up the painting duties of the Nids though. And has painted up a couple of them. Will get pics of them up when I can!

  5. Melv, any chance we'll see them nidS?



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