Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long Fangs

Just to keep up with my obligations to my buddy Ray in terms of painting, here are my new long fangs. I've spent about 6 or so hours so far... 40k is really a love/hate relationship for like all my relationships with girls... You love them, but there are def. times I wanna twist off their heads.

Nothing really unique about my style, pretty much standard procedure. The only thing is I try to get them done the cheapest way possible. instead of using gw's matt black spray paint, I use any kind of matte black spray I can find at hardware stores for 3 reasons.

1. Price. I ain't payin gw S**T... $20 hong kong roughly around $2.50 usd, i can get the same sized spray can instead of whatever the obscene amount gw demands...

2. Spray paints sold at hardware stores tend to be less fine than hobby grade sprays. This can be used to your advantage when you decide to dry brush and highlights as the rougher spray tends to pick up better and therefore saving time on dry brushing without re-applying layers that appear to be too faint. You will need to get a feel for this first...

3. Your basecoat should always be the most important layer. I could care less if you can paint Sistine chapel on your model if your colors peel off due to crappy base coats. Hard ware grade spray paints are designed to hold onto almost anything... My neighbor's spotted chihuahua will agree with me. With that said, there is also no longer the need for metal primers for metaloid minis and therefore saving you even more money... Please note, metal models will still chip if you are not careful. The reason is paints is softer than metal... You will still want to purity seal the model.

Thanks for reading guys...

1 comment:

  1. Alright! Looks like we are sticking to our guns and painting those bad boyz. I think 2 weeks is a good timeline for us busy with work, girls and family commitments.

    I'm sure your neighbour loves you.

    We paint tomorrow! I need to catch up with the other fast painters on this site.



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