Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wargames History - Beef Nuggets Edition

Well I guess it's time for another wordy post. But I think it's always nice to know more about (and to reminisce!) about our hobby and our journey through it. I was inspired when I read this article on Bols about WARGAMING: About your first army.

It all started with this box. How and why? Let me first take a trip down memory lane.....

I was at one of my distant relatives funeral. So it was also a time where we would catch up with distant cousins and family. As usual I went to find the younger crowd (my cousins and whatnot) and saw them playing with some toys. I went to join them of course. And among the toys they where playing with, where Power Rangers, WWF (now WWE) wrestling figures etc... While we were all busy smashing the action figures with one another, one of my cousins was very protective of his "Toys". I was curious and asked him what they were, he replied "I'm not sure really, you have to fix them and paint them up, like model kits. This one is called a SPACE MARINE". I went home to do some research on this so called "SPACE MARINE". And the rest is history......

Suddenly discovering this whole new world of GW me and my pal, Jon then embarked on this magical journey. We made our maiden trip down to Comics Mart (now closed down) to make our first GW purchases. As we were totally unaware of what to get. We settled on "Gorkamorka" as it was the cheapest box set available. We had no idea it wasn't even a core system.

After a week when we realized that we bought a game we did not know how to play (and upon more research) we decided to play Warhammer Fantasy. So we saved all our pocket money and picked up WFB (edition with Brets & Lizardmen). This was also where I first met Kenneth Tan (Singapore painting extrodinare and Golden Demon Winner). He saw us holding our WFB starter box and introduced himself and his gaming group. He left us his contact and we contacted him a few days later. He and his group then showed us the ropes to painting and gaming in the world of warhammer.

Excited we rushed back to my place to split our armies. Therefore my first official army was Bretonnians. Although I did not go any further with the starter box before I bought my 'real' first army. The Dark Elves.

During this initial period was also where I met Raymond (energie), although I can't remember how we crossed paths (please remind me if you do Ray!) and we sort of set up our own little gaming group. I clearly remember the days during JC where we would sneak into Ray's hostel (illegally) and stay overnight to do gaming and painting!

The next phase of my hobby history came when Games-Workshop opened it's flagship store in Singapore. I promptly applied for a position as a 'red-shirt' and landed myself right within the hobby of my life! Boy was that an experience I'll never forget! Kenneth also joined the team slightly later and we had a ball of a time in the store.

But it was short-lived. The Asia-Pacific GW stores were not doing as well as expected (and due to GW's US expansion plans) meant that they would be shutting down all stores in Asia. It was an insane 2 and a half years though. It will always be an important part of my hobby life.

After the store closed my hobby life pretty much degenerated to the life of a hobbit before the ring. I lost touch with much of the local scene, and went about with daily life. (further studies, the call of duty-National Service in Singapore etc...)

And now here I am, trying desperately to re-ignite that flame that once burned so strongly. Now that everything is nicely settled down in life (hopefully!). I can once again dedicate a portion of my life to what I know will be a hobby that will be me. For life.

~ I hope that this will be part one of our group's wargames history. Please try to do an article"Wargames history - xxxx Edition" So that all of us (and the world) will know how we came about. And if I left out anything or said anything wrong, don't hold back! Let me know!


  1. I remember going to the GW shop in Singapore :)) Was really happy when it opened, i went straight to buy 2 Zoanthropes on my first visit haha!

    I remember seeing an amazing IG army at the GW shop with converted rough riders using space marine bikes!

    Fond memories those :)

  2. This is a great write up Melv! Yes, I do remember how we met. I saw you and Jon picking out some miniatures at Comics Mart at Serene Centre and I approached you. I will explain further when I write my version

  3. I bought my VC army at GW Plaza Singapura during the grand opening sale. Most still in blisters and boxes hahahaa

    too bad it close so fast and sudden...

  4. I bought my very first Army Book and Spearman at GW Singapura.

    I remember a red-shirt walking me through the armies so that I have an idea what army suited me. He was a tall skinny guy with specs.

    I picked Dark Elf and never looked back.

  5. If it was an IG army at the store display, then it had to mine. (unless my memory fails me).

    It was a catachan guard regiment and I converted those rough riders using ork warbikes. WIll get pics up after I dust those minis.

    That skinny tall guy with specs is probably Nigel. He was one of the 2 full timers there.

    Amazing that besides for Raymond and Youcai. I have not met most of you guys before. But we had probably crossed paths in GW Plaza SIng!

  6. I think that GW's location was so prime. It introduced gaming to Singapore in general. It was really too bad they decided to close it down but look at the fresh blood we have generated!

    Keep building the community guys! Each of us are responsible for making it work.

    For example, here in HK, all the guys contribute to the shop through their own ways. Most have painted armies, the others volunteer making beautiful terrain. It is no wonder the scene here is so robust!

  7. @Beef Nuggets: Yup i think its your army i saw. Still remember it to this day :) It was really well done man!



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