Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Veteran Guardsmen.

Started on my squad of Guardsmen last night. Settled all the modeling and priming prior to this challenge. (alot of work has been put into shaving every cadian shoulder pad and side pants pocket down, but that will be for another post!) Then got down to the messy part of painting the bases. I always do this part first as I can be as sloppy as I want before I detail the miniature itself. If you look closely you can even see one lonely painted (greens) guardsmen at the back. Tonight I shall finish the greens on the other 9!

I honestly think I'll finish these guys up within the week!


  1. Love the update. I do the same thing, get the messy stuff out of the way. Then again, I took a lot of my painting styles from you since we basically started the hobby at the same time.

    Where did you get those helmets? The look like they are wearing breather masks. So many flamers!

  2. Those are pig iron helmets.
    I fell in love the moment I saw them. They are real cheap too. Approx $13 SGD for 20 helmuts.

    Yeah that is one of my Flamer Vet squads for my Mech army. Hence the flamer spam!

  3. Who made those helmuts?

    My gaunts are gonna die in droves to flamer spam.


  5. The helmets are really cool! And it goes well with the model as well. Can't wait to see 'em painted :)



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