Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wargames history - Crazyrat Edition

I started playing 'Magic the gathering' card game when I was in primary school till sec sch. Besides buying the cards frequently, I also bought a monthly magazine called 'Inquest' which was an unofficial M:TG magazine. Inside a particular issue, 'Inquest' did a review of epic warhammer 40k, I saw the models and was immediately hooked. Further 40k poison was introduce into my system after I saw the box art of warhammer 40k 2nd edition box through some advertisement inside the magazine.

Big wall of text incoming if you press below.

At that time I did not know where to purchase warhammer stuffs, but through chance or fate (Tzeentch at work?) pull me to this hobby. I frequent a video game shop in Siglap shopping centre and somehow there was a small comics store there selling warhammer stuffs. After saving many mths, I managed to buy a lascannon CSM, Abaddon, chaos codex and some paints. I influence 2 other friends in sec sch to join me in this hobby. 

After saving many mths again, 3 of us pool our $ together and bought the 40k 2nd ed starter box. I started eldar and my 2 other friends started chaos and blood angels. I bought some eldar stuffs and both my friends bought more models for their chosen armies. We started painting our models and tried to play some simple games but due to lack of exposure to wargaming, our games never really took off and we were not having fun. Our progress for the hobby stagnate and after splitting classes in school, the hobby died between us. 

I kept my models and did not look into warhammer 40k for 3-4 years, until I was in yr 2 poly (9-10yrs ago) when surfing the internet, I found a local forum. The forum was setup by Raymond (Enrgie), I read some posts and found that the warhammer poison was still strong in me. I contacted Raymond through the forum and we met in a coffee shop in Clementi. He was studying in NUS at that time. He introduce me to the world of warhammer40k - fluff/gaming and I found enjoyment in the hobby. I was beginning to enjoy the games.

Through Raymond, I met other wargamers like James (Grimloq)  and Sam (Skanwy). Raymond also introduced me to WH fantasy. I was not interested at 1st (more of sci-fi fan here) but after exploring some local stores in SG myself. A particular store (Steel Helmet) in Katong make me a fantasy fan (7-8yrs ago). To cut the long story short, I met WH fantasy wargamer Defeng (Jaeroler) over there and he invited me to game with him and his friend Daniel (Beardy one), both who I still regularly game with till today.

I became a WH fantasy addict after playing over at Steel helmet and with Defeng and Daniel. I worked in a part time job to support my hobby when I was in the final yr of my poly studies. Buying 2 armies in the span of 6mths (skaven and VC).

After finishing my poly studies, I was drafted to the army for NS and game less regularly, eventually stopping the hobby for 3 years. Raymond and Defeng did call me for games but I rejected their invitations due to busy working life as I went straight to work after completing my NS.

I decided to go back to school after about a year of working. During a school holiday, Raymond and Daniel told me that they had found a good place to game. The place was near Habour front and was situated in a guy's (Kenny) house. They managed to convince me to play again. I played against Daniels' dwarfs and  I was enjoying every bit of the game even after a period of hiatus. I decided to restart my warhammer hobby and with the release of 40k 5th ed, I increase my collection further.

I met other wargamers in Kenny's place but did not really click with them. I seldom game at Kenny's place after Raymond departure as he was the one who usually organize the games. I Introduced Sam to Kenny's place and he befriended a wargamer -Defu (Krom), who was later introduced to me by Sam. Due to some problems with the gaming group over at Kenny's place, the group was split up. I stop going over to Kenny's place after that incident.

After exposure to the wargaming environment at Kenny's place,  I decided to host games in my home.  By providing terrains and space to game, it was possible to have a fun gaming group. I got the guys (Sam & Daniel) to chip in with me for a gaming board. I also bought a fair bit of terrains for our games. The guys had been gaming at my place for almost a year on a regular weekly basis. Currently I'm planning on getting a table for our gaming board so we no need play on the floor, though our specialty is floor gaming haahhaha.

Though my wargames history had start/stop/restarted numerous times, its still like-minded people I met during the course of this hobby that make it enjoyable and worthwhile. How long will I continue to enjoy this hobby, I cannot say, but it had been an interesting part of my life and would remain in my memory.

Thx for reading this wall of text.


  1. Thanks for sharing man! It has been a while since we all started gaming together :)) Very cherished memories there.

    Here's to another 10 years of gaming goodness and the eternal battle against the dice gods ;P

  2. Well said man! Indeed our journey has been full of ups and downs what with girls, work and other commitments at school and family. The amazing thing that we all take away from this is that we still have that passion deep down in us. I know James and I still talk about 40k and Fantasy even when we go on trips and holidays! LOL!

    Indeed, I do believe that we will keep playing but in differing intensity. I intend to come back to SG in July and will have my stuff shipped back by the end of July. James and I are suggesting that we can use our place too if YC's place is less convenient. I think the objective I sent out in the previous post really stakes our belief for the game. To another 10 years guys!

  3. I really hope that there will be tables to play on! I have a bad back and probably can't be crawling on the ground too much!

    Really looking forward to playing with you guys really soon. It has been way too long.

  4. Let's all set a date that we can work towards.

    I will be back in July 2010 but my miniatures will only come back 3 weeks after in a ship across the South China Sea.

    Let's book in 1st August as our Group's inaugural gathering!

    We will play at YC's place so YC, time to beautify the terrain!

    All the other's: you are responsible for bringing a 1750 army of your choice. The target is to get as much of your painted stuff out there. WYSIWYG is encouraged unless the model is not out (e.g. Tervigon!!)



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