Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1750 Nids Vs Space Wolves

Played a game last night with Jay at FA. 1750 Nids vs Space Wolves.

Interesting points to note: the Nids fare really well in the Dawn of War style of deployment. I hit his table half by Turn 1 and the rest of my Nids arrive enmasse in Turn 2. I would be scared shit if I were him!

Pictures say a thousand words so go over to the link and post your comments.


  1. Space wolves don't get scared... if anything my track records will prove my space pups are always put into situations that are against all odds and that we are contempt in taking down as many xenos possible with us in our journey through the valley of morkai...

    Yes... dawn of war deployment really messed up my game as everybody and their mothers are thrown in my face by turn 2...

  2. GET THOSE LONE WOLVES! more food for the hive mind!

  3. Hi. Being a fellow SW player, I was abit confused with what I thought I saw from the pics. Did you place everything in reserve and why?

    Thanks, and a mug for a fellow wolf brother =)

  4. LOL! Jay, we'll have to have a rematch! I want to eat those lone wolves...impossible to kill.

    Jay started wi a full reserved deployment (Dawn of War) and I was going first. Kinda make sense no?

  5. The only issue I have with full reserve is that units may come in piecemeal. Since DoW allows a player to deploy nothing but come in from the table edge, the 2nd player can do that instead of full reserve.

    Nothing wrong really. Just another option so I thought I'd ask to learn =)


  6. Actually he came in full force on Turn 2. I was under the impression that was legal!

    I welcome comments since we are all here to learn from each other Krom! =D

  7. Hi guys... I'm glad to hear there are sw supporters out there. In hkg, I seem to be the lone bastion of sw presence. There will def. be a re-match.

    to be utterly honest, I really don't like the idea of dawn of war (DOW) and annihilation type games. Firstly, DOW should only be played if the game is REALLY being played in the wee hours of dawn.

    Secondly, annihilation is pointless, unlike chess; 40k should be a game that simulates a few moments of war in which pivotal outcomes are produced and not to just kill everything… that would be called genocide. With this in mind, the rules of engagements should always be objective. When the conditions of war are not objective, we might as well throw rocks at each other. Confrontations without substantial objectives = Operation Iraqi Freedom…

    As I am sure, many of you know objectives can also dictate the pace in which your opponents attack if all objectives are on your opponent’s side, they may be more reluctant to rush at you even if that’s what their army is designed to do as they will most likely camp objectives.

    “He who controls the mid field will control the game” as a 40k player, learn to agree with this rule, learn to abide by this rule. In my game with the nids, the opponent was allowed to deploy right on the middle of the board and therefore was ass tight and balls deep in my face by turn 2. Not fun... No worries Ray…. I’m not a sore loser… I think you played your list the way it was meant to be played. Next time I will throw my ale mug in your face! My sons of Russ will send your roaches back to space on a bus…

  8. That's kick ass comment!

    I agree wi controlling the mid point esp for close combat lists. I will be practicing this a lot more from now on and you can expect that I will swamp you early!

    I have some large purchases coming in the mail Jay and I will be ready to grab that mug you throw at me. HOHO! The gauntlet has been thrown, GRUDGE REMATCH!

    Let's get some paint on the models. I have 10 models to complete really soon!



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