Monday, May 24, 2010

News: British Pounds Very Weak

Most of you would realise this by now but the GBP is very low. 

1 British pound = 2.03140492 Singapore dollars
1 British pound = 11.2699354 Hong Kong dollars

Coupled with a discount by Maelstrom Games (Your voucher code is: GW-BEATER), you should definitely consider getting that purchase you've been holding off for! 


  1. How do you get the discount codes and when will this one expire? I need to know before I order 2 Baneblades and 4 Drop Pods. :)

  2. Your 17.5% off UK RRP discount voucher ends on Monday 24th of May 2010 at midnight (GMT) and it's a great chance to grab yourself those Games Workshop products you really fancy before they go up in price!

    Do it now!

    You enter the code once you check-out.

  3. WOOT!, just bought a razorback and landspeeder. Wanted to buy more but not enough $$$$

  4. I would buy all those things you were waiting to get.

    Also remember to tell Dan and Defeng!

  5. Dan just had his retail therapy - bought 150 pounds worth of goodies. LOL

  6. He and I both. I got GBP150 of stuff too! Last major purchase before the price rise!



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