Monday, May 24, 2010

Event: Tale of 6 Armies

The event has started! If you notice, there is a link on the left hand side of the main page so click on the "Join site to RSVP" and click on "attending" and you will be registered! 

In a nutshell, each of the 6 people have committed to painting and completing 10 models in 2 weeks. The event starts today and ends 6th June. The full list is: 

1. Ray: Tyranids: 10 Termagants
2. Sam: Blood Angels: 10 Sanguinary Guard
3. Youcai: Blood Angels: 9 DC and 1 chaplain
4. Daniel: 10 Space Marine Scouts
5. Defeng: Chaos: 10 Traitor Guard
6. Melvin: 10 Imperial Guard

See you guys at the end of 2 weeks! 


  1. You've beaten me to the minis! Hoho, I will catch up!

  2. Can I change my committed models... Notice I was using 1 DC model as my sanguinary priest.

    change to -> 9 DC and 1 chaplain

  3. Amended to indicate the change. Now get painting and send us pics of WIP!



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