Sunday, April 29, 2012

First painted Dust Warfare squad: Grim reapers

With the release of Dust Warfare I'm very excited and want to get in on the game/miniatures/world. Had always been a fan of the range but I was not very interested in the Tactics, the board game version.

So with Warfare the entire range of minis are compatible so I went out and bough my first squad of Allied miniatures. The "Grim Reapers".

Dust is based on a World War 2 that never ended. And many miniatures were designed with heavy influence from real WW2 inspiration. However that also meant that the paint scheme tended to be along those lines too. Not that the colors were not nice. However painting so much Flames of War miniatures I wanted to get away from the "boring" greens and browns and browns and greens and greens.... you get the idea. 

Therefore I let my imagination run wild amidst this "weird WW2" with laser beams and walking tanks. I decided on a color scheme. What better color than the color of the 2 main Allies flag? That's right, I went with the scheme of Red, white and blue. Here's how I painted them.

Firstly I re-primed the figures (it came pre-primed in green) a flat black. Then I used the Zenithal method of airbrushing and sprayed Vallejo Air Aluminum.
Then I gave it a wash of Asurmen Blue wash all over the model. 
After the blue wash had dried I went in the details and separate armor plates with Vallejo Model Color Scarlet Red. I then washed it with Devlan Mud and highlighted the edges with Scarlet Red again. With a final highlight of Scarlet Red + a little white.
The White parts were first painted with GW Astronomican Grey. Then with 2 layers of white on it.
Do up the base.....And it's done!

Hope you guys like this "weird" color scheme of red, white and blue!


  1. These look cool man, is the new game good? The style/fluff of the mini's is appealing..

  2. The new rule book sold out within a day at my LGS. However judging from the good things I've heard by those who managed to purchase it along with the great models I can see great things happening with the game.

  3. Pair them up with Captain America!



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