Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2500 Orcs & Goblins vs High Elves

Played another 2500 point game but this time with Defu who plays High Elves. Really proud of him too. He has been quite focussed and has been painting. I can see the work he has put into them and they are coming along nicely. Looks like the ABOE Event may have helped him focus too! 

Unfortunately Defu was in quite a rush so we were not able to finish the entire game but here is a capture of the first 4 turns we managed to play. 

This was using the list I played with Tet Hong (Dark Elves) in the previous Battle Report. 

We rolled the Watch Tower scenario and deployed it in the middle (more of a rubble than actual tower). I became the defender. Defu takes the first turn. 

I deployed my unit of 18 Savage Orcs into the Tower. Frenzy within a building is amazing. Not only to the building keep me safe from shooting, I get to bring all 10 of my frenzied troops into combat, a whopping 30 attacks.

2 units of 50 Night Goblins are good - if you can paint them all and not cry tears of green

In the 1st Turn Defu charges the tower with his unit of Phoenix Guard. The White Lions move up to support right behind. The charge failed to move my unit although I did lose combat (and also Frenzy), I passed my break test with the General and BSB close-by.

While I move up the rest of my army. In anticipation of my 18 Savages dying in the Tower, my Savage Warboss and his unit of 30 stand behind waiting to fill in for the unit. Again, garrisoning a building is very useful for units with Frenzy since all 10 of your Frenzied troops contribute their full complement of attacks. In the shooting phase I took out 4 out of 5 Dragon Princesses on my left flank (out of the picture). In my Magic phase I casted Sneaky Stabbin (gains Armour Penetration) on my Pump Wagon in anticipation of the next turn.

Defu charged his Swordmasters into my Pump Wagon and drew out my Fanatic with his unit of Dragon Princes. Rolled a 6 and Defu stopped his last DP from the move. That enabled his Swordmasters to move up relatively unmolested. He also charged into my tower with the Phoenix Guard again and failed to move them out of the tower. Without Frenzy, I couldn't do as much damage as before but again, with the BSB and Warboss just behind, they were not going anywhere any time soon.

Sneaky Stabbin is useless when you get chopped to bits! LOL! Defu moved up his army to flank the tower with the Speamen.

During his turn, he brought me down to 5 Savages in the tower. Not a bad trade off considering my unit of Savages only cost me about 170 points. His Mage tries to trace Line of Sight to my Mangler but it was out (I did allow him to cast the spell anyway and then scrolled it). He tries to shoot it but I couldn't let that through so he chose my Wolf Boss instead but failed to wound him. T4, 4+ save FTW.

During my turn I vacate the tower and charge into his unit of Spears (checked the rulebook, you cannot charge out of a garrisoned building. At the same time I charge both my unit of Night Goblins and Savages into his Swordmasters and wiped out the unit of 5. The Doom Divers took out the last Dragon Price and the Mangler took out 7 White Lions from a bounce.

It was at this point Defu had to leave for his concert which kinda sucked but that is the nature of life. It bums you when you least expect it to. Oh well...back to the painting table for me...


  1. good to see the boards i gifted to you are put to use.

    1. It's a great board and certainly very chaosy! When are you coming to play with us Jay? We have a ABO Cave now courtesy of Melvin

  2. I got a ticket to fly over but none of the other guys seem to be following through with it.

    I think I'll be working on FA's gw table set next for the store. Unfortunately I fun play fantasy.



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