Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2500 Dark Elf vs Orcs and Goblins

As part of my Good Friday series of games I had, I played against Tet Hong with a 2500 points list which I wrote together with another player at Game Garage called Roderick. To give you some background, Rod is a really experienced Fantasy player and strong knowledge of the Orcs and Goblins army book. We bounced forwards and backwards with ideas and finally settled for the following list:

Savage Orc Warboss (General)
-Sword of Antiheroes
-Glittering Scales
-Potion of Strength

Savage Orc Big Boss (Battle Standard)
-Armour of Silvered Steel
-Great Weapon

Savage Orc Great Shaman (Level 4)
-Lucky Shruken Head
-Obsidian Trinket
-Fencer’s Blade

Night Goblin Shaman
-Dispel Scroll

Goblin Big Boss
-Light Armour

Savage Big Uns x27
-2nd choppa
-Standard, Champion, Musician

Savage Boyz x18
-2nd choppa
-Champion, Musician
Savage Boyz x18
-2nd choppa
-Champion, Musician
Night Goblins x49
-Spear, Shield
-Standard, Musician
-Fanatic x1

Night Goblins x49
-Spear, Shield
-Standard, Musician
-Fanatic x1

Mangler Squig x2
Goblin Wolf Chariot x1
Pump Wagon x1
Doom Diver x2
Rock Lobber x1

The following is the batrep from our game. We rolled up Pitched Battle. 

I deployed my Warboss such that he was in the middle of my battle line. The Night Goblins have to be within the 12" to secure the leadership and BSB bubble and to capitalize on their high numbers. Meanwhile both Savage units of 18 were deployed far into the flanks to envelope the enemy. They were supported by the Wolf Chariot and Snotling Pump Wagon respectively. I made a mistake by deploying one of the Mangler Squigs without space for him to move forward.

This deployment was bad because my poor shorter Mangler Squig could not move out during the Compulsory Move phase. I have also used some of Roderick's blue coloured Night Goblins for this game as I did not bring them along to Game Garage on this day.

Tet Hong took his Vanguard move and I felt this was a mistake as it put his unit right in front of my Chariot and Pump Wagon.

A round of Magic removed 5 of my Savages (proxied at the moment) on my right flank.

On my First Turn I charged the Dark Riders on my left with my Wolf Chariot and Savage Orcs. The Wolf Chariot rolls a 2, 2, 1 for it's charge and thankfully my Savages rolled a 9. My Pump Wagon did remarkably well and rolled into his Dark Riders on the right. The rest of my army advanced forwards with the taller Mangler moving midfield to hide behind the Chapel.

Unfortunately the Pump Wagon couldn't really harm the Dark Riders. Ah well, they are Snotlings.

While the Savages took some damage from combat, they wiped the Dark Riders out

Meanwhile, my 18 Savages take more damage from the Level 4 Sorceress

Tet Hong advances his Dark Elves cautiously with the Hydra leading the way.

Snotlings take one more Dark Rider out but fails it's Break test. Thankfully they don't run into my own unit of Night Goblins.

In my turn 2, I charge the Hydra on my right using my remaining Savages. The Snotling Pump Wagon regroups and the Night Goblins enter the Chapel in the middle. Mangler bounces forward to draw fire.

I charge into the Executioners on the left flank too

I use Hand of Gork to teleport my other Mangler forward

 In melee they kill off the Executioners

While the Hydra kills off all my Savages...I hate Hydras. In Tet Hong's turn 2, he charges my unit of 50 Night Goblins with his Inverse Ward Save General.

I can't remember why I took this picture but the Sorceress took a wound from something here. Probably due to Brain Bursta in my Magic phase.

In Turn 3, I move my Savages across the river which turned out to be a River of Light which randomly casts a spell on any units in contact with it at the end of movement. My units got buffed from the Lore of Light. Savages recieves Light of Battle (Unbreakable for one turn) and the Night Goblin unit gains The Speed of Light (boosts unit WS and Init to 10).

Meanwhile I over-ran and charged Tet Hong's Repeater Bolt Thrower on his left flank.

The Night Goblins leave the Chapel and moves out on the table releasing the Fanatics as they came within 8 inches of the unit of Dark Elves. I sent him towards the Crossbow Elves

Just another angle of the same

Understandably the Savage Orcs wipe out the RBT on the left but fails to over-run enough to get them within range of the other RBT. Typical...

Took a few wounds from the Dark Elf lord but it really was a drop in the sea.

I won combat so I reformed the Night Goblins to get more spear attacks into his Lord. They were going to be Steadfast for awhile so I was looking forward to putting in more attacks. Tet Hong then charges in his unit of Cold One Knights and ironically my Night Goblins managed to take one of his Cold One Knights down. LOL!

Meanwhile on the other front the Night Goblins were fighting against the Spear Elves and I also reformed them to get in more Str3 attacks on those pesky T3 Elves.

The main Savage unit charges over the river and into the Crossbow Elves. This was bottom of Turn 4-Tet Hong's turn.

The Savages destroys the RBT in the back and managed clip the Spear Elves in the last rank.

Wiped the Spear unit out. I chose to reform the Night Goblins but the Savage Orcs had to pursue hence the strange placement of units.

My Night Goblin Shaman challenges the Dreadlord and does a WOUND! LOL!

While the Warboss destroys the Crossbow Elf unit and has to over-run.

In Tet Hong's Turn 5 he charges his Hydra into my Night Goblin's rear and wipes the unit out - my Warboss was to far to confer any chance of them surviving a break test

My army reorganises itself and faces the biggest threat - the Hydra. Did I mention I hate this thing?

I charge into the Cauldron and the game was over. Win to Orcs and Goblins for a change! LOL!

Good game and man this list packs a punch. The Savage Orcs are powerful! Sometimes a little uncontrollable but for their durability and ability to punch holes through units, they are awesome! More to come! 


  1. Except that we played wrong lol. Your Goblins had charged my Dreadlord, not the other way round, as I had suffered -3 to movement due to your little Waagh spell. I had marched my Dreadlord out of my Cold One Knights to contact your Mangler Squig and remove it from table, without taking any wounds due to my ward saves.

    Your Goblins charged me, but actually did not have rank bonus nor steadfast so actually you lost the combat by 2. When I charged in my Knights into your Goblins, the same should have applied again so you would have lost combat again by 2.

    1. Except we both forgot about how the river affects fully ranked units. An honest mistake on both our parts =(

      However, my Night Goblins wouldn't have necessarily ran away. My General and BSB was in the unit next to them. Ld9-2 = Break test on Ld7 which on 2D6 average is a pass.



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