Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY generic gaming board

I am in the process of making more terrain for more games at my place. And I already have two tables. However one of them is just the green GW battle mat and the other is a custom made hard foam modular tiles which is a black base. Making it perfect for fights on Chaos infested planets and urban settings. There are days when our group will want to play just Flames of War or Warhammer fantasy and the black board is slightly out of place as I only have 40k terrain to match it.

So I went to poke around the wood workshop in my school to look for unwanted plywood and I got the technician to cut it into 3 pieces of 2" x 4". Although the boards look a little thin it is very strong and most importantly space saving for storage in my small apartment. As long as no one leans his entire bodyweight on it it should not break!
 I went to my local home fix store and picked up a tub of Wall Putty for $2 Singapore dollars. This would be the main agent to create some irregular basing for what would otherwise be a boring flat space. 
I added a little random ballast while applying the wall putty for instant added texture.
 I did not want to fill the entire board with the texture as it would first be extremely labor intensive, increase in cost as I would have probably needed 10 tubs of putty. And most importantly it would weigh down the boards so much that it would defeat the purpose of having a lightweight and space efficient motive.
 Here are the boards let out to dry outside my apartment.
The next day (do let it cure 24 hrs for maximum hardness) I picked up some cheap acrylic paints from my Art store. I wanted to achieve a scorched brown color so I used Burnt umber mixed with a little burnt sienna. 

Once all the base color was dry I use GW Dwarf Flesh (dried out old bolter design screw top bottle, which coincidentally looks like the new dry paints haha) to dry brush the textured areas. Followed by a lighter dry brush of Vallejo Model Color Pale Flesh.
 Next step was to use the Dwarf flesh again and lightly go over all the flat areas brushing in a circular motion to just create a little uneven look. Then the easy part was to add Woodlands Scenic Green & Dark Green Static grass mixed together.

Here is the boards all ready for games of Warhammer Fantasy, 40K and even Flames of War!

Some Guardsmen eager to lay feet onto virgin soil.

I had a great time making these boards. Although it would have been easy to simply drop a few notes and purchase one. Making your own terrain is a rewarding experience.

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