Monday, April 9, 2012

2500 Orcs & Goblins vs Bretonnia

It was the long weekend so I decided to pig out on Fantasy games and pig out on them I did! This is the first of the many games I had over the weekend to be prepared for batreps coming your way from the guys over at Anything But Ones.

This game was between Patrick and myself and we booked up the whole day at Games Garage. Games Garage is a comfortable gaming centre which charges by the hour and has quite a large following of players for various game types. You can find out more at

So on to the game proper. Patrick came to the table with a proper Bret army comprising Errants, Knights of the Realm x 2, Pegasus Knights, Trebuchet x 2, Grail Relique with Battle Pilgrims x 1, BSB, and the Fail Enchantress.

I brought my flully 2500 of Orcs:

Black Orc Warboss
-Armour of Destiny (4+ Ward, Heavy)
-Basha's Axe of Stunty Bashin'
Having crossed into the Badlands to run away from his human captors, Zugribar Da Big has finally amassed a large enough army to call himself a Warlord. Zugribar plans to use this opportunity to kill as many hummies for revenge! As more and more Orcs and Goblins flock to his banner, he is in the Badlands marching out to attack the hummies who took him captive and tortured him. The first thing on his list is to secure a stronghold in the caverns of Mount Bloodhorn and the Undead are in da way.

Orc Big Boss
-Armour of Fortune (5+ Ward)
Snaggla Pigstikka picked up bits and pieces of what was left of the Snarly Wolves Tribe when Warlord Zugribar beat them good and nailed them onto his old spear. The Boyz found it funny and it reminds them that “might is right”.

Savage Orc Great Shaman
-Lucky Shrunken Head, Level 4
-Obsidian Trinket (MR1)
Kurly Burly stews loves bubbling pots and stewing goblins for fun. As a runt he took perverse joy in slowly cooking his prey in their own kin. Consuming them whole, Kurly then uses the bones to decorate his staff – a strange shrunken head imbedded into the staff. Some call it lucky.

Night Goblin Shaman
-Dispel Scroll
-Opal Amulet (one use, 4+ ward against 1st wound)
Gobbit Lipsmacka is twin to Snikit Hamstringer. Both were birth in the dark caves on the slopes of Dragonback mountains. Gobbit often spoke of a loud booming "voice" which just confused little old Snikit. Listening to these voices, Gobbit could "interpret" these signs and often shared it with Snikit. It was these voices that kept them alive through the nefarious caves of Night Goblinhood. Fear was a common emotion and one they both sought to conquer by the only way they knew how - to take over the Olde World. On one stinky day when the squigs were sporing, Gobbit received a vision while observing the stools of a Giant Cave Squig. It spoke of a brutish Orc simply called Zugribar. He was held by hummies in a camp just beyond the Badlands. Gobbit and Snikit put a plan around rescuing this matador of Orcs. This Orc would give them the victory they so need to take over the Olde World

Black Orcs x30
- Full Command
- Banner of Eternal Flame

Night Goblins x 35
+3 Fanatics
Orc Boys x 35 (Painted)
-Full Command

Savage Big Uns x 29
-Full Command
-Big Stabba

Mangler Squig x2

Doom Diver x2

Rock Lobba

The following are a few pictures from the deployment phase. You can see the breakdown of Patrick's army here

Pegasus Knights make their Vanguard move to threaten my war machines

Patrick obviously decides to pray to the Lady so I took Turn 1. Moved up my army en-masse

Magic phase I casted Itchy Nuisance on the Yeomen. This was starting to be my favourite Little Waagh spell so it was -2 to Initiative and Movement.

Turn 1 shooting proved to be very accurate. Rock Lobba and both Doom Divers scored hits reducing this unit to 9 knights.

 Patrick moved up his Knights of the Realm on his 1st Turn

Both line up to threaten the flank of my Black Orcs.

I hate traffic jams and this applies to my Fantasy games as well. The Wyrding Well on our right gave my unit of Savages poisoning when they took a sip but gave my Black Orcs Unbreakable!

On my Turn 2 I moved all three blocks up to meet his knights. I was hoping the forest would keep both his units away. He was also waiting for me to wade through that forest.

And again, I cast Itchy Nuisance.

While on his turn Patrick flew them over to my Doom Diver on my right flank.

And charged my Doom Diver.

Damn those Pegasus Knights.

And Patrick kept lobbing shells into my poor Night Goblins. The released Fanatic decides to swing back into his own unit wiping quite a fair bit of my Boyz.

Get away from the Fanatic!! Pushed further forwards and Patrick went for a "gostan" move (i.e. go astern - Google it) for two of his Knight units.

Charging over the river, I take on his Archers.

In a show of my potty luck, I fail to cut them down.

And opening myself up to his knights. I am a bad general.

And proceeds to wipe my unit out. While I got unlucky here - failed my break test on 10, trading my Savage Big Uns for a unit of Archers was silly.

On the other side of the field, I strung my unit of Black Orcs out into a single line. Crazy? Not really since they are currently Unbreakable from the special well waters!

Battle Pilgrims charge across the waters to engage my Warboss and his unit. Yum

And fled for their trouble. I gave chase but fell short again....trend?

While these buggers bug me to no end.

I followed up to charge them in my 4th turn hopefully wiping them out and then following up with the Knights in the flank.

While I was able to wipe the Reliquary and Battle Pilgrims out, when I charged the unit of Knights they FLED! Looks like someone just lost favour with the Lady. I will now pee in her lake.

I reformed and charged into his Knights.

And then reformed again in his turn to escape the Errants on my right.

 While Patrick reformed his Knights of the Realm to gain more attacks.

And the irritants come back in to irritate me.

And as luck would have it, one guy survives!

It was a great game nonetheless and my first time fighting against Bretonnians. While I think hiding and running away was cowardly, what can I say. My orcs can be quite intimidating and often humies do run away.

I lost the game as Patrick kept his main blocks out of combat while he slowly took out my army one unit at a time. Being quicker than me allows him to do that and I would think is the right way to play them. There will be another! 


  1. Losing the savage orcs unit was painful hahaha!

  2. Indeed it was. And on a very close roll as well!



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