Sunday, April 29, 2012

FoW game Russian tankovy vs German pioneer infantry

Had a good game today of FOW. The Germans brought along lots of pioneers and the Russians used their standard tank company.

I wanted to continue trying out my tankovy to see how I can either overcome and use my tanks effectively ever since the revised "Hens & Chicks" rule that I seriously feel brought the Russian tanks to almost uselessness.

We rolled fighting withdrawal for the mission. The game pretty much centred around the middle of the table where an objective was placed in between the two hills on the road.

After 6 turns of intense fighting for that objective we decided to call it as the Germans had too many infantry teams surrounding the objective with too little firepower from the Russian tanks to be able to take them out before the 8th Turn. When the defenders would win by default if no objectives have been taken by the attacker.

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