Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blast from the past - Empire Noble

Taking inspiration from many other wargame blogs in the veins of throwback Monday's, flashback Fridays and the such. I have decided to have a segment in our blog simply named "blast from the past" how original I know.... But it gets to the point and I can't think think of flashy names do this will do for now. Any suggestions is welcome!
This model was painted at least 7yrs ago. (can't remember clearly) that's why I make it a point to put the date I the year under all models I complete these days so I can look back and find out when I painted what.
It was a submission for a local painting competition at the now defunct "COMICS-MART" store.
I painted him in my then Empire collection of Stirland color scheme of greens and yellows. It was also my first foray into attempting non-metallic metal technique. As seen in the gold and silver attempted here.
I remember winning silver for the individual Warhammer entry. And got to choose a free blister pack. Which I chose the kislivite ice queen model! I have to get around painting that sometime soon.
Here's to more models from yesteryear!


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  2. was this a warhammer quest minature ? takes me back a good decade

  3. Yes it is from warhammer quest. Unfortunately I can't find the box nor the card that came with it anymore!

    This model was definitely ahead of its time! If it was a new release these days it would still be fitting!



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