Friday, May 4, 2012

Completed: Garden Of Morr

What an excellent kit put of by GW, I got my hands on one a month ago and have been putting off painting it as I knew it would be an arduous undertaking. So with some spare time off work I decided to go ahead and paint it up. What a challenge indeed!
This kit took me approximately 12-15 painting hours. With the help of an airbrush to achieve the ghostly/glowy effect on the stone and roofs.

The details found in this kit is absolutely mind boogling. Majority of my painting time was spent picking out and highlighting every single of the skulls, flowers, skulls, leaves, skulls, you get my point. In fact I honestly think this is the most number of skulls I've ever painted in my life in one sitting! The last time I remembered painting that much skulls was when I was painting up my Undead army back in 5th edition. That was like 60-80 skeleton warriors? I did not count but I'm sure I painted more than 60 skulls in the Garden of Morr kit.

Pull the kit apart them and you can fill about half (or slightly less) of a typical Fantasy table.

And to keep things easy to transport (and my sanity) I made a base out of MDF board and magnetized the pcs on. 

All in all this is definitely one of the greatest kits I've ever worked on, ironically its not a miniature but a terrain piece by GW. I've got/done plenty of 40K terrain kits by GW, but this is my first foray into the Fantasy terrain kits and judging by the other kits out there (Deathknell, Withcfate Tor etc.) I'm definitely going to be getting those to paint up for my collection as well. After all, don't we all have more than enough miniatures already (who am I kidding)? Guess its time to spend some of that hobby money/time into these beautiful terrain kits.


  1. that looks a really nice kit, and you've done a lovely job painting that!

  2. Awesome. Like how you kept it modular!

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    1. I too have procrastinated a lot but now am just about ready to open it up and get started. I love the way yours came out - any tips or tricks you'd like to pass on?

      I think I'll have to do the magnetic thing too - what size did you use?


  4. I guess there isn't really much tip for this terrain piece except for the fact that it's lots of hard work. I say so because its a little more detailed than most of the pre sculpted terrain projects I've painted up.

    If you use an airbrush like what I have done you will be able to achieve a much more "glowy" (not sure if there's such a term but you get my point) and will be able to cut the painting time to a fraction.

    The biggest challenge for me was the hundreds of skulls and roses which I crazily decided to highlight individually. Honestly I think a large percentage, say 70% of the time spent on the entire model was on the skulls and roses.

    The magnets used was just simple 5mm width magnets. And to keep things simple and minimize drilling I used flat washers on the base. I still had to drill out the plastic terrain to insert the magnets though.

    11" x 14" MDF board was used for the base. And simply flocked to match.

    Hope that helped and be sure to update it on your blog! I will be waiting for it!



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