Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Necrons - 2nd Wave in May 2012

Necrons players rejoice!

Take a look at the pics and weep tears of joy!

Prices below. Various sources.

Necron Triarch Stalker1 minimay 5th$47.00Plastic
Necron Tomb Blades3 minismay 5th$41.25Plastic
Necron Canoptek Wraiths3 minismay 5th$47.00Plastic
Necron Canoptek Spyder1 minimay 5th$33.00Plastic
Nemesor Zahndrekh1 minimay 5th$19.25Finecast
Illuminor Szeras1 minimay 5th$21.50Finecast
Vargard Obyron1 minimay 5th$16.00Finecast
Necron Destroyer Lord Upgrade Pack5 partsmay 5th$10.00Finecast
Necron Heavy Destroyer Upgrade Pack3 partsmay 5th$8.25Finecast
Citadel Water Effect1 bottlemay 5th$25.00Hobby
Space Marine Bike Squad Upgrade Pack3 partsmay 19th$10.00Finecast
Crimson Fists Shoulder Pads10 partsmay 19th$10.00Finecast
White Scars Bike Squad Upgrade Pack6 partsmay 19th$10.00Finecast
Crimson Fists Command Squad Upgrade Pack9 partsmay 19th$13.25Finecast
Ultramarines Shoulder Pads10 partsmay 19th$10.00Finecast
Crimson Fists Tactical Squad Upgrade Pack13 partsmay 19th$14.75Finecast
Crimson Fists Assault Squad Upgrade Pack14 partsmay 19th$14.75Finecast
Iron Hands Tactical Squad Upgrade Pack23 partsmay 19th$18.25Finecast
Sergeant Telion1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Librarian with Staff & Book1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Librarian: Force Sword & Bolt Pistol1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Chaplain: Crozius & Power Fist1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Chaplain: Skull Helmet1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Librarian: Force Axe & Plasma Pistol1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Space Marine Apothecary: Chainsword1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Damned Legionnaire: Multi Melta1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Damned Legionnaire: Heavy Flamer1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Damned Sergeant: Bolt Pistol & Power Weapon1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Damned Legionnaire: Flamer1 minimay 19th$16.00Finecast
Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Chapter Master Pedro Kantor1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Marneus Calgar, Lord Macragge1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Chief Librarian Tigurius1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Kor'sarro Khan1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Chaplain Cassius1 minimay 19th$19.25Finecast
Sergeant Chronus2 minismay 19th$19.25Finecast
Forgefather Vulkan Heston1 minimay 19th$21.50Finecast
Space Marine Techmarine1 minimay 19th$21.50Finecast
Space Marine Terminator Chaplain1 minimay 19th$21.50Finecast
Captain Darnath Lysander1 minimay 19th$21.50Finecast
Space Marine Casualties3 minismay 19th$24.00Finecast
Space Marine Masters of the Chapter4 minismay 19th$33.00Finecast
Space Marine Damned Legionnaires 14 minismay 19th$33.00Finecast
Space Marine Damned Legionnaires 24 minismay 19th$33.00Finecast
Ultramarines Tyrannic War Veterans4 minismay 19th$33.00Finecast
Legion of the Damned Squad5 minismay 19th$41.25Finecast
Space Marine Veterans MK25 minismay 19th$41.25Finecast
Space Marine Veterans5 minismay 19th$41.25Finecast
Space Marine Thunderfire Cannon1 minimay 19th$56.00Finecas

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