Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quick Review: Gaming Models Heavy Assault Tanks

I recently made an order from Gaming Models. It's a one man operation doing 15mm tanks for WW2. The main feature of his models are that they are an extremely cheap alternative to Battlefront's very expensive Flames of War models. And best part is that they come painted (albeit a very basic paint job, just one base color and a quick dry brush) these are great for those with no time to paint or simply just not wanting to paint!

I ordered mine unpainted (same price though!) with only a black undercoat. This was tremendously helpful as it cut down time needed to clean up the models and undercoat them. Once I received the models I went straight to my airbrush and provided them with a coat of Vallejo Model Air Russian Green. This was to ensure the colors match up to my existing tanks. Imagine those that ordered them painted. Simply opening up the parcel and plonking them onto the table ready to play sure is an exciting prospect!

And all these for an extremely low price of $5USD per tank. This works out to about $6.20 Singapore Dollars. They also have an offer where you purchase 10 tanks and they will throw in one more for free. Effectively making is $4.50USD for each tank. Considering a Flames of War tank costing average $7GBP ($14SGD) this makes it more than half as cheap! And once again I cannot emphasize enough the joy of not having to clean up and assembling the models. Its a luxury I tell you!

However with the price you should not be expecting Battlefront quality. This being said I must put into context that in no way am I suggesting that the model is inferior. In fact I honestly feel that it is detailed enough and look great once you apply a decent paint job. Take a look at the pics below and judge for yourself. If you ask me. I would say these models are roughly about 60-70% compared directly to battlefront products. (Assuming we take battlefront as a 100% benchmark)

p.s if you visit the gaming models web-store you will find that the blurry pictures do the models no justice. Which I feel is a terrible pity as it would definitely have turned a lot of potential customers away.

Here is an SU-100 tank next to a Plastic Solider Company T-34
Here are L-R, SU-152, ISU-152 and ISU-122 all from Gaming Models
Can you believe I paid $100 Singapore dollars for all 22 of these tanks? A box of five ISU-152's from battlefront would set me back $74 Singapore dollars!!!!! And that's only for 5 tanks!
Straight outta the box and the airbrush attacks them!


  1. Great find!

    Battlefront's ridiculous prices has put off many from starting FOW.

    Another company worth mentioning is Plastic Soldier...

    If only these companies will make infantry models that do not resemble pieces of dog turd...

  2. Yup it's sad that I cannot support Battlefront even though I want to as I feel they are really a great company.

    Plastic Soldier Company tanks are definitely top notch. My first choice however I had to get these tanks as PSC does not have other tanks other than the T-34's. Which I already have 20 of them as well from PSC!

  3. My first choice however I had to get these tanks as PSC does not have other tanks other than the T-34's.
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