Monday, November 1, 2010

Fantasy regiment challenge outriders complete!

The unit started out being painted fast and furious. And then work got the better of me and my momentum came to a halt.

Here's my regiment of 5 outriders. I think they have the suitably noble look. Can't wait to add another 5 more to make it a 10 strong unit.

Unfortunately my cannon unit did not get completed. Still the same from my previous update. Will post them up as soon as they get finished.


  1. Nicely done! The horses look even better with the whole mini complete. Great job man!

    I got distracted by commissions lol! Will post mine up much later methinks ;)

  2. I have no clue what happened to my comment I made yesterday.

    Great job again Mel! I still have to complete my regiment...only 6 models to go!

  3. hmm btw, how does Lizardmen fare for 8th right now?

  4. They are Godly!

    I just got beaten again by Lizzies again...sob story...

  5. serious?? btw.. we have yet to see u in fantasy action -.- ... after the campaign maybe?

    what are the good units for lizs?.. apparently fantasy coming back in mind after my Dark Eldar is done lol

  6. We are playing this Friday at my place. I will put up a post for everyone!

  7. pew pew pew , looks good especially the horses.



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