Tuesday, November 9, 2010

High Elf Army

I am working hard to raise my High Elf Army with the new models. With the launch of the Island of Blood, I am now able to field mostly plastic army! I swapped a set with CrazyRat and Ethan will be passing me his IOB High Elves too. That would give me enough plastic to raise a 24 Swordmaster unit, 15 Ellyrian Reavers, 24 Seaguard. Why 24? Because I cannot use the Command Group 3 times. So if anyone out there has spare HE from IOB, do contact me!

Without further ado, these are works in progress:

First IOB contents completed. Another box sitting behind me beckons. I am concentrating on building another more important unit. One that I do not have the metal minis for. Which are these you ask?

In sprues they sit! 


These fellas are well detailed. I am not such a big fan of the big helms but they are plastic and they fit together so snuggly! I have 3 boxes of these Phoenix Guard and I have already started work on the 2nd box. I intend to push them to 30 men. My anvil! Watch this space! 


  1. Phoenix Guard rocks in 8th with supporting attacks. What magic are you thinking about using?

  2. Yeah they are pretty good with their 4+ Ward helping them take the inevitable return attacks from the enemies. To counter big ass spells, I have included a BSB with Banner of the World Dragon. Basically forming a formidable bunker.

    Mages I take use Shadow and High. Mainly Shadow to damage and High for buffs. What about you?

  3. You can easily get your Seaguard unit to 28 models. Just cut off the banner and use some plastic rod for the spears shaft and the top of the banner for the spears blade. Musician is even easier, all you have to do is cut of the trumpet and stick a shield to its arm, E-A-S-Y. If you put the models in the middle of the unit I'm pretty sure no one can tell the difference:)

  4. You are absolutely right. I think I may just go ahead and do that to the Std Bearer and Musician. Thanks!

  5. It will be a beautiful army to behold man! I'll want to see it in person when i get back :)) All lookin' great thus far.

  6. High, Life, or if a lvl 1 Beasts for +1S/T spell...T4 Elves brings up their survivability plus the added S bonus. Swordmasters lack of armor is helped alot goin to T4. I havent used Shadow with HE yet but with my Empire it decimates any oppenents. By reducing T to help would with shooting and combat. What is your thoughts on a dragon or dragon mage? My HE friend has been using a Prince on Dragon with good success just wanted to get your thoughts on them.

  7. I have always been a fan of the infantry armies (i.e. foot troops over big creatures). I have played very little wi the dragon (although I have two models - one of which painted to a high standard). I may give it a whirl once I guess I tire of the infantry blocks.

    I like the idea of a level 1 Beast Mage, although +3T on Elves rock ever better! I am quite penchant to swap out the Shadow and try Life instead. I just may!

  8. A good suggestion to convert the extra command models into normal ones. However I always have a soft spot for keeping models (and looking back at them 10yrs or more later) and be glad that I kept an extra model form that time period so that I can paint it again. Old models are always nice.

    Another method you could use to overcome the lack of odd number of models is to simply use unit fillers. Or maybe even 'stretch' out 2 models into 4 by using them on a regimental base and filling in the space with random bits or terrain pcs.

    How many times have we looked at an old model and thought. "Damn I knew those! Or I shouldn't have sold mine off!" etc.... Or maybe its just me and my obsessive collecting and hording mentality.



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