Saturday, October 30, 2010

Campaign game

The campaign game has reached it apex! We are having a massive battle today at fusionpolis in 2hrs.

Before I go there, let me share two photos of a battle before.

What you see is an overwhelming force of Tyranids against a small Imperium force.

The outcome is ugly with the Tyranids almost suffering zero loses and wipe the Imperial Guards off the table.

I hope we can repeat this feat again today! The combined Space Malinz will know fear today (even Dawn of War 2 game chars knows to fear Tyranids).

Let's have a good feast that is being brought before us!


  1. Ahh... game ended.
    Tyranids lost, 17 to 14 KP.

    Didn't know there was a slight modification to the mission... game was KP instead of objective. My bad. Nonetheless, we put up a good fight and the Space Marines walked away with heavy casualties too.

    Look forward to our last battle as the Orks are attacking the Tyranids!

  2. Sounds like an intense battle guys! Wish i was there man :) Any more pics?

  3. I will a batrep of our battle this weekend.



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