Monday, November 8, 2010

High Elves vs Empire

Had a great long weekend! The guys were over at my place and the new place is quite good for gaming with space for 2 tables going at the same time. Wish we had another board so the guys don't have to worry about moving units on the 40k Board - it's gravel - not conducive to moving units on trays.

The game proper was good fun. Melvin really went all out to use the weapons that the book and the minis PapaJJ gave him. Fluffy list that was actually competitive! 2400 points of High Elves vs Empire. Head on over to to find out more.

The next game session is this coming Sunday, 14th Nov. Let me know who can make it.


  1. LOL the bloodiest game I seen in fantasy! It look like the HE was about to pack up in turn 2, but manage to crawl their way back to a narrow win for empire (105VP).

    The fleeing eagle causing the P**** guards to panic and bravely run away was hilarious.

  2. Not to mention that there was a reroll for the failed panic test (BSB).

    Talk about loaded dice lol.

    Ok jokes aside, I think Raymond did well to come back from the horrendous losses he suffered from the empire artillery. Perhaps using magic (pit and pendulum) against the artillery and shooting against the handgunners would help?

  3. I agree. That's the problem with using this list. It has large blocks and require a lot of synergy between each unit. If I had casted Shield of Saphery on my Spearmen (5+ ward) I would have saved many more of them. Yeah, that crappy rerolled Break Panic test was just icing. My Phoenix Guard were the perfect guys to weather the barrage of fire with their 4+ Ward. So close to clawing back a draw!



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