Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fantasy - HE vs Lizzies

Not a full batrep but I had a game of 2250 with YX last night. Played the standard Pitched Battle vs Lizzies.

I went for a pretty standard deployment with most of my units in the centre of the board supported by my Tiranoc Chariots (chariot base with Silver Helm is a Chariot). Opening game saw little action except for a few magic spells flying around. Casted Pit of Shades 2D6 version on his Sauruses but it scattered to only kill 2. Cannot believe the Slann actually dodged the spell - AGAIN! Initiative 2 and he rolled a 2. 

Salamanders are very powerful in this edition allowing him to take out half my unit of spears. A full half of them. Chariot and Great Eagle saw off one unit of Salamanders and another was destroyed by my other chariot. However by then they had little effect in the game. 

By the time his main units engaged my army, I had very little to counter YX. Strong hard to shift core of Lizard blocks pushed my units back. Victory went to the Lizards. I must find a strong counter attack.

On another note, we will be having a Fantasy game this Friday, 5th November (Deepavali) starting from 11AM. If you live in Singapore, you will likely have my number. SMS me and I will send you my address. 


  1. Personally I think the smaller version of Pit is good enough, not to mention that it deviates only D6.

    The big pie sattering 2D6 is more than enough to deter me from using it. Btw, since it is a template, the Slann gets "look out Sir" right?

    I thought you can use your Dragon Princes to see off the Salamanders early in the game to secure the flanks? (I checked-Salamanders have flaming attacks, or am I checking the wrong book again?)

  2. But YX had 3 blocks of Saurus'. If I managed to deviate into any of his units, I was almost guaranteed removal of one unit. Looked like Lady Luck was just being a b*tch last night.

    A unit of DP may have helped here if the attacks are flaming. I will check the lizardmen book tonight to see if it's Flaming.

    I will reduce the number of Chariots. They really need the infantry support.

  3. Good pics! I am imagining the battle :)

    The Lizardmen still appear strong in this edition of Fantasy. I always felt they had great magic backed by tough troops. And poisoned attacks, i remember those well hahas!

  4. I guess the next high elves on the plate will be mine =) Let's hope the LADY will be on my side this time lol.

    Yup Sam, Lizzies are still going strong in the 8th edition. Makes it exciting, doesn't it!

  5. Lizard builds with Slann are very powerful in this edition. Cupped Hands (balls) directs miscasts into enemy mages, like wtf. Also, they have an ability that generates a dice per successful spell cast. And remember, they have a strong core. You better have something that can remove their core.



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