Monday, November 22, 2010

Fantasy Battle Report: High Elves vs High Elves

Another game pitting the Elves against each other. 2400 each side, Pitched Battle. This time I went against Defu and his High Elves. I learnt a couple of things this game. Know your own army and learn to hold. Do not let 100 points of Eagles lure you into moving 300 odd points into it's death! Also, I had a stronger magic phase. I should have let Defu come to me in parts.

Go on over to for the pictorial battle report and drop comments!


  1. HE on HE action! that sounds so wrong lol

    From the pictures, it look like you(enrgie) was winning... was surprise to read that you lost in the last picture. What was the deciding combat or turn that caused you to lose? How much VP you lost by if you can remember?

  2. To be honest, there were 2 combats that I should not have pursued. The first being the Spearmen x30 that should not have followed through wi the Eagles. That lost me the unit.

    The 2nd pursue was the Seaguard into the White Lions. I should have let him run away and swift reform them to face the oncoming Silver Helms.

    I did not tally the points up...actually I should. There was a lot of points in that unit of Phoenix Guard, Archmage and Noble.

    Another thing to learn: Always tally up all the points!

  3. At the end, Enrgie had routed my White Lions, Swordmasters, 2 units of Shadow Warriors and my BSB while I took out everything except his depleted Phoenix Guard, Spearmen and a mage and a noble (I think the Archmage and BSB has been assassinated too so I kept casting Stone and Regeneration).

    The 5th turn, taken after this picture had the two units actually in combat with my prince+ 10Silverhelms (+4T)(not in photo), Dragon Princes and a Spearmen unit with more ranks in front and my archers about to charge the spearmen's flank.

    But this game really made me feel that ASF is overpowered- I felt so naked without it! My Princes and Noble were fighting simultaneously with Enrgie's spearelves who eventually cut my BSB down. Probably why High Elves is now so combat driven.

  4. Hahaha I've been saying that ASF is powerful since 8th ed came out because it gives free hatred EVERY ROUND of combat against lower iniatived and allows u to strike first.



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