Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Batrep: High Elves vs Empire, 2500 Points

Sam just returned from Australia and will be back in Singapore till Feb 2011 so get your games in with the man! We had pre-arranged for 2500 points of good old Fantasy mash-up. It was going to be his Empire vs my High Elves.

I went for my standard list - a take all comers list that I use to play against everyone.

So here we go: http://picasaweb.google.com/enrgie/20101128#

Check out the comments I made and leave your comments!

Terrain day this Sat and I am looking forward to building those forests, hills and interesting terrain bits for our games!

Here are inspiration pieces for the day!


  1. It was a really fun battle and i learned lots thanks to Ray, Daniel and Defu's advice. Ray had some bad dice rolls, and i remember three? ones rolled for his spell dice lol!

    And yeah, the supernaturally accurate mortars didn't any favors to the Elves as well ;P

    Look forward to the next game! And Terrain Day :)

  2. fear the power of GUNLINE!

    nice terrain ideas there.



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