Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clot Angels WIP

Finally, it is the nearing finishing phases of my infantry units for my commissioned Blood Angels army. check it out at the following link:

My buddy edc from clot inc. inspired me to collect an army worthy of our fury as red matches the company theme color. Thus my BA will be a successor chapter "clot angels"

btw, i know there is a smurfs standard on one of the guys... I've already given the commissioned dude a good thrashing for such distasteful humor :) its coming off fo shizzle...

Still to come is my mech division:

x3 predators
x3 baals
x4 razor backs
x1 landraider
x2 vindicators
x2 whirlwinds

boy is my apt. gonna be decorated in Christmas colors this year...


  1. Looks like it's coming along nicely!

    Who's this guy who paints? Does he play at FA too?

  2. I dun even know, the guys that paint them are from China. I'm pretty sure they don't play.

    There's pros and cons about working with these guys.

    1. they don't use gw paints, so if ur paranoid the exact color matching of your army, you should buy everything you want and have them paint it to ensure there's no off-coloration

    2. china people need guidance... I cannot stress this more. lets say you order 3 tactical squads; they will all look the same, be armed the same and posed the same if you do not instruct them to differentiate. As you can see, some of the powerfisting death company almost look identical. Also notice my sanguinary guards are all "clones" I had to write them a memo last night instructing them to make 1 guy blonde and another one chinese/asian.

    3. I know I havn't posted the tanks yet, but for all the sponson equipped tanks, I told them to not glue them onto the hull, paint all weapons/hatches/doors so I can have maximum magnetized fun!!!

    damn I cannot wait. I think i'll most likely use this as a default sm army. Aside from the red color I like, I think the space wolves/dark angels suit my taste more. What do you guys think of the BA?

  3. They really looked like Clones. Hahaha! Ah well...

    How did you come across these guys anyway? How do you contract them to do it - for e.g. do you send them the models or do they order and build them.

  4. I think the painting looks great! They sure look like they got the manpower and skill to paint up those Angels :) I wish i could do consistent;y good painting like that lolz!

    The colors are bright, neat and well highlighted. And all are BASED!! Nice :))

  5. wow I like their painting especially the death coy, but some of them have the same pose LOL.

  6. Yeah, I have my likes and dislikes about them. the thing is you gotta constantly rebound emails with them if you want the painted/built very specifically.

    To answer ray's question, this was all blind luck on ebay. I just saw these guys have lots of blood angels. Some of the prices are cheap if you factor in the price hike of gw stuff in hk. basically, i'm only paying double to have them painted.

    shipping doesn't kill me cuz they will meet you at an subway station.

    You can send them built models but I havn't done so as I do not really trust china postal service in terms of handling with small fragile models. I prefer to have them order it and take care of the rest.

    Anyhow, I got faith in these boys. I hope this turns out good. It'd be great if I could somehow see your guy's armies at the current state... don't think there's been too much content about that

  7. There'll be a fantasy army section coming soon. MY 40K army has not been painted much since you last seen it. =D



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