Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fantasy Battle Report: High Elves vs Ogres

Daniel and I had a 2400 point game. I played my usual High Elves with no change to the army list I used against Melvin in the previous game (HE vs Empire). I wanted to see how it performed against myriad enemies.

Dan put in 2400 worth of Ogres and had his Ogre bus come right at me. Yowza! Check out the battle over at and do leave comments!

Also Games Workshop just released an update to their FAQ.

Do download yours!


  1. I remember the power of gut magic and the charge of Daniel's Ogres. The Lead Belchers, when nothing goes wrong with their shooting is also quite a devastating experience haha ;)

    Great pics man! Dan's Ogres are the most characterful i've seen :)

  2. Death star soccer team! purple sun/pit the death star?

    wow the scrap launcher was accurate in this game, against me and krom the scrap launcher really was scrap.

    hehe the gnoblars aka cannon fodder are so useful. Tarpit, baiters and CR booster all for 2pts!

  3. I love the Ogre list, especially with the Rune Maw banner that helps against the pit or direct damage spells.

    Totally agree with the cheap tarpit an CR booster, something that we pansy elves do not have. Sigh.



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