Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Campaign - Nids vs SM - Turn 5

As you guys would have seen the post by Grimcron earlier, we played a mega battle last weekend. It was 4000 points of Nids (played by Grim and I) vs 3600 of Space Marines (Abdullah and Chiyong). Epic is the only word I can use. Grim has a huge collection of minis and all painted too! I need to paint as fast as him! Then again, I have 2 Fantasy armies that are painted! 

We chose to pull a full out assault on the Space Marine's Hive City on the map. If we manage to break through this barricade, we will establish a beachhead into their territories and be able to push through their zone. 

Head on over to and you'll be surprised by the turn of events that took place. Drop comments!

Grim, my Hive Mind, do add comments to the pics! Two minds better than one!

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