Friday, December 3, 2010

Video Battle Reports

Battle-reports - we all love them. It allows us to relive the games we play and watch how others control their armies. The vision of a grand war moves us somewhere deep inside - much like the picture above.

I am "subscribed" to a few very good Youtube battle reporters so thought I would share it with you guys. These fellas do post from time to time, 40k to Fantasy type of reports which are worth checking out.Feel free to check them out - these are links of their most recent battle reports so go on and look at their other video posts:
  1. VaulSC:
  2. Blue Table Painting:
  3. Miniwargaming:
And while we at Anything But Ones play our battle and post them using Picasa, I am looking at ways we can improve our reporting. Really to turn our games into not only lessons for ourselves but to help us improve the game.

I am open to suggestions how we can make our reports better! Any ideas on how we can include video battle reports would be good. A video camera or webcam can work. I actually have a HD webcam that I can use but I only have a desktop. 


  1. Great site, look forward to readin some more BatReps. Video helps a massive amount, look at the popularity of the streamed Nova coverage..but uploading entire hours of footage is ball ache!
    I'm trying to improve on my own, alhtough admittedly I only do summary BatReps really, not what my readers really care about! In its current format anyway!
    Its a tough one...

  2. Thanks Venerable!

    I thought photos went a long way to tell the story but you are right, videos tell a whole lot more.

    Any cameras or video units to recommend? I was looking at the Flip but am worried about the 2 hour time limit. Of course, it needs to have some Macro ability too!



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