Monday, August 9, 2010

Bowling Ball Knghts.

Here I have the first 5 (of 15) Knights of the Empire with Great weapons.
I made use of the remaining bits in my Empire General box set to create the Champion and the Standard bearer for this unit.

I really did not like the existing knights heads as they were too elaborate (and I just wanted my unit to look different!) and using bare heads was just too easy a way out. Plus it did not convey the heavy armour they are supposed to be in. They already did not have shields. If they had bare heads it's hard to consider them heavily armoured knights.

So I scoured my bit boxes hoping to find enough head to make a unit of 15 knights. And I remembered the Blood Bowl artwork showing many of the empire guys in very round and plain looking helmets. So I stared at the millions of Cadian heads I had and thought what if I shaved everything down?

That's what I did and now I have the perfect heavily helmeted knight heads for my unit!

~Although they look a little too plain but I think it would look good as a whole when painted up!

1 comment:

  1. I like the look of your Knights, they look more gritty. And you are right, the helmets actually compliment them quite well! An imaginative and effective use of bits ;)



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