Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wound allocation issues on BOLS.

During the last battle with Raymond's Tyranids. (which was also my 3rd 40k game) I came upon this issue.

My Leman Russ unloaded its full fury upon 2-3 Warriors (prime included) and caused a total of 5 instant death wounds. And no one died. Only to take some wounds. (with the help of cover saves or special saves)

Bols have an article on this very issue.

And yes this really is cheating. (much to my disgust as I found out in my last battle!)

~Don't worry I'm not pissed or anything. Just that I like to play friendly and relaxed so when a rule seems super twisted (till it makes no sense) I tend to get a little upset.


  1. Sounds like the issue was making the saves, not WA.

  2. How exactly did that happen? Warriors can't take advantage of wound allocation... And unless they somehow saved every wound they should have been taken out by the instant death thing too...

  3. explain how he cheated you. If you caused 5 instant death wounds on 3 + prime warriors and he failed any save on a warrior then one died. I feel you have edited the truth to reinforce you point of view.

    I feel you caused one or 2 ID wounds(Str 8) and 3 or more non ID wounds. The Tyranid player then followed the rules in the rulebook and allocated the ID wounds to the T5 model and the non ID wounds to the warriors. That is my guess, he followed the rules.

  4. How can playing by the rules be cheating.?
    That's a pretty silly (not to say anal) point of view. Get over it, 40K can be broken easily.

  5. Yup I will need to Tyranid player to explain what has happened to his unit.Then those who need clarification will know. (I am using that example as we were just talking about this issue then the BOLS article came up thus I used it)

    Even I am unsure and simply let it pass for the game to go on since like you all mentioned. "It was the rules".

    And yes I am definitely taking it easy with the game. Which explains why this is the third time I'm playing 5th edition 40k. :)

  6. Both Beef Nuggets and I played a good game. I guess it is worth pointing out the mechanics of the game that really seemed to be counter intuitive. In fact, I didn't even realise this until CrazyRat pointed it out to me that I could allocate the wounds.

    Battle Canon fired - template hits all 3 Warriors + Prime = 4 Str 8, AP1 Hits. This would imply 3 instant death Warriors and 1 wound of the Prime.

    However, because Beef had more shots coming in, CrazyRat told me to let him roll everything. So, 1 Lascannon and 2 Heavy Bolter shots later, there was another Str8 AP2 wound + 3 Heavy Bolter wounds.

    Total wounds now: 5 Str8 AP1/2 + 3 Str5 AP4 (Str and AP of Heavy Bolter-I cannot remember but it's not important)

    As per the Wounds Allocation rule, I allocated the first 4 Str8 AP2 on two Warriors and the spare on the Prime. I then allocated the other 3 Heavy Bolter shots on the Prime and spare Warrior - thus saving one Warrior where I should have lost all 3 Warriors and the Prime then taking a wound or two.

    The guys are correct Beef that this is a rule exploit but we are playing the game as it is written. Unfortunately in a tourney setting, this will come in play and it's best I get used to it. Until GW rule it otherwise, we will have to really live with it.

  7. The final Lascannon shot went into the Prime but he has T5 hence he didn't instant death.

  8. I'm going to guess for the non tyranid players reading this the warrior squad was.
    2 x warriors
    1 x warrior with a venom cannon
    1 x Tyranid prime.

    2 x warriors 4xStr 8
    1 x cannon 2xStr 5
    1 x Prime 1xStr 8 1xStr 5 1xStr9
    So each model had 2 wounds and the prime got 3 wounds.

    This isn't an exploit in any way shape or form, This is the way the rules are written and intended to be played.

  9. @mathhammer: I had the following:

    1 Tyranid Prime (HQ)
    Boneswords (x2); Scything Talons

    3 Tyranid Warrior Brood
    Toxin Sacs; Lash Whip & Bonesword; Scything Talons

  10. Yep like energie said it was a good game and the only issue I felt not right was how models could survive even after so many supposedly ID wounds were caused.

    But like many said its in the rules. And I never said it was wrong. It just feels wrong IMO. You can't deny feeling shortchanged and cheated. Not that it IS actually cheating.

    I don't play much and these games were played for energie's tournament preperation. Which is the way it should be. Just follow the rules in the book.

  11. Actually Enrgie all your normal warriors should die... because they got the same weps config. You assign wounds to individual models but when rolling, need to roll as a group (same weps config).

    If your warrior squad config was what Mathhammer list down above, then 1 warrior + 1 prime survived.

  12. Then I blame you Crazyrat!!! You told me to split the wounds up and allocate! =D

  13. I don't know your warriors weps configuration hahaha, until I played against you.

    Try to equip your warriors differently, or just give 1 different equipment from the rest so you can stack ID wounds.

    Anyway what Mathhammer listed above is correct and you can take it as a reference.



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