Friday, August 27, 2010

Batrep: BA vs Nids

Another game at 1000 points. This is to prepare for the Tournament!

Blood Angels belongs to Daniel - cool 300 army.

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  1. Nice batrep! The colors in this batrep were amazing :) The gold and reds in contrast to the purple and bone.

    Looks like Daniel still had enough guys to try to contest your objective. Do you usually leave a small brood to guard objectives? I have experienced Genestealers successfully claiming an objective as they come in on the outflank. I did the same with some infiltrating Striking Scorpions a while back. Its an interesting tactic ;)

  2. This is blasphemy, this is madness! lololol

    If the game continue 1 more turn, Spartan BA would have won. He would rush his rhino troops forward to contest nids objective.

    We need to paint and built the new terrains!

  3. I have revised my list again and will be testing it out against YC tomorrow. Anyone else coming?

    Dan had a Razorback. He would not have been able to contest unless it has some special engine that allowed it to travel 24". It would still be a draw.

    Yes, terrain day is coming up soon! I need everyone to come to the day with at least one terrain idea.

  4. Daniel told me he can win if the game continue next turn. Forgotten how he would do it, but looking at the pics its either using the razorback or use the marines behind to help the death company in the assault with tervigon then consolidate to the nids objective.



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