Monday, August 2, 2010

Mantic thoughts.

I'm sure by now many of you would have heard of this relatively new company offering alternative miniatures to our favourite GW game systems. But over the weekend the guys at Mantic have dropped the bomb on their own game. Which is written by Ex-GW ruleswriter Alessio Cavatore.

This is all very exciting for me. In fact, the last time I felt so excited was when I discovered 40K after tinkering with Gorkamorka. Although we may all be so used the the GW rules, I feel that this would be a nice and refreshing change to the game I have stuck with for so many years.

On top of all this Mantic offers their miniatures at almost a quarter of the prices we pay GW. That's right. You can pick up their warhost (GW equivalent of Battalions) for 25GBP. That works out to about $1SGD per model.

Of course I cannot argue that some of their miniatures cannot compare to the VERY HIGH quality of GW models. Alot of the newer ones like the Ghouls & Zombies surpass the GW models! And did you see their Dwarfs? Lovely! The same can't be said for their Elves though, which I honestly feel is downright ugly. The look like 1980 standard models.

However, if you look into the future with these guys, if they keep up with the current standard of sculpts, and produce more armies (Orcs are next followed by Humans). I am sure they will garner a strong following. Especially disgruntled GW players who have put up with the insane price increases all these years......

~I could not pass up on the lovely Undead models, therefore I bought myself an Undead Warhost. It's only 24GBP after discount from Maelstrom!!!

When the rules come out in October and I realize I don't like the game. I'll simply use them for my Undead WFB army. Win-win situation for me. And I believe many other gamers in the world.

Are you guys gonna take the plunge? Any models you like? Or bought already even!?


  1. Agreed man, the Mantic minis are really nice! I have been tempted many times to get a box..or two ;)

    I find the Elves quite classic. They are nice in a Melnibonean kinda way haha!

  2. Stop tempting meeeeee!

    Personally I like the Undead and Dwarves. Undead is really cool and I can do a quick paint scheme with loads of washes!

    Hmmmm, I am going to wait for the actual game to come out first but yes, they are really cheap.

  3. I had a box of mantic ghouls and the quality was excellent. Decided to order another 2 boxes of ghouls and 20 more mantic games skeletons. Wanted to order their new zombies but budget got into the way...

    I seriously recommend anyone playing elf/dwarf/undead to buy the mantic miniatures to increase their army to meet 8th requirement.

  4. Hmmm. Tempting.

    Seriously you guys should have a R21 rating or disclaimer warning us readers of such temptations.

    My wallet cannot tahan le!

  5. Brainwashing blog here hahaha, soon you will join us!

    buy more miniatures than you can ever paint in your life time



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