Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Completed Spearmen of Nuln.

Here I present my first completed unit for my Nuln Empire army for 8th Ed.
This unit sure took longer than I initially planned (don't they all?) and I am glad I finally can put it aside and work on other stuff.

Namely the foreign contingent that has arrived from the kind contributions of Papa JJ fromDicerolla. As promised these group of guys will get priority painting. I will be working on fixing them up from tomorrow onwards so look out for that post real soon! Now I need to decide what kind of wizard the two will be......

~ Technically speaking they are not completed. I would say 90% done as I have left the black clothes to highlight (highlighting black is a pain!). Other than that I think they are good to go onto the tabletop!

Oh yes, any suggestions for which 2 lores I should choose for 8th ed Empire?


  1. Melvin and I were discussing about completing ARMIES the other day and he did raise a very good point which he has demonstrated above. Completing or blocking out the main colours is a good first step to creating the army. At one glance, the army looks done but on closer inspection, one will find the missing highlights etc. The beauty of our hobby is that you can always go back and touch up these models when you feel like it!

    I encourage and challenge you to complete armies! Put in the mandatory time to block out these main colours - leave the highlights to a later stage.

    Personally I have begun blocking out the main colours for my Nids as seen in the video before this. I am blocking in my blacks now and will return to highlight the skin once I get the main items completed so I can field a "painted" army. "painted" because it's not quite finished to the high standard that I want it to but completed such that at one glance you will think I have finished the army.

  2. @Beef Nuggets: Your Empire army is coming together really nicely! I especially like your bases :))

    @enrgie: I do feel inspired now to do up my Bretonnian peasants. The blocking out of the main color could be done on the peasants :) But not so much the Knights, they are individualistic men lol!

  3. @skanwy: Absolutely - go wild on the peasants then block in the main colours for your knights. The only difference is that you leave the final highlights out until you complete the army. Then come back and complete the highlights. Basically it will allow you to play with a 3 colours with 2 tone army. Once you get a few games in, you can go back and start on the 3rd tone (i.e. final highlights).

  4. Hey Skanwy, do what you are inspired too! Don't let that motivation slip away! Who knows that initial surge of motivation could snowball into something unstoppable and before you know it your almost finished with the entire army!!

    Paint whatever your heart tells you I say!



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