Sunday, August 1, 2010

Magnet help....

I have been needing magnets for basing my fantasy armies for a while now. And after a discussion with Ray on them I decided to get my ass moving and get some. He did direct me to a link from Canada. But mentioned it was quite a hassle to order from them.

So now I humbly request the help of all our readers. Please direct me to where I can find the magnets I need to use for my bases. I know many of you have used them and bought them, so I would like to know as much as possible from you experienced ones.

Sizes and links to get them would be greatly appreciated.

~If any of you local guys (in Singapore) are able to order or even pick them up locally that would be best information! However international webstores and links are more than welcome as I doubt I can get them cheap locally!!


  1. I've used K&J Magnetics. They have great prices and service, and send a couple extras along too.
    I'm in the US, so don't know how their service to Singapore is. Enjoy!

  2. I am using my magnets from Guassboys. No problem ordering from them so far to SG. Maybe wanna share? Will be needing more for my upcoming projects.

    Check their websites...


  3. Thanks other Kevin and Kelvin!

    Can I know which sizes you guys get for using them under the bases?

    Yes Kevin sharing would be great, planning to get about 1000pcs.



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