Friday, August 20, 2010

Batrep: Chaos vs Nids - Take 2

This is the 3rd Game I played. Same opponent from my previous Batrep but different mission. Crazyrat (Youcai) was playing Chaos while I played my 1000 points of Nids! 


  1. Nice battle guys!

    @crazyrat: The DP is doing really well these days! He has redeemed himself from the past :))

    @enrgie: I love the Gargoyle wing colors! Will you be trying out the Drop Pod list?

  2. Thanks Sam.

    However the colours on the Gargs are not complete. I am going to highlight them further as this is only the basecoat.

  3. @enrgie: Wow! The Gargs wings look good even uncompleted. Look forward to see the complete mini ;)

  4. hehe, you were over-confident mid game and rush towards me and the mistakes you mentioned inside picasa let me snatch a draw.

    Yea, He is back in Khorne favor. Took many skulls before going back to the warp :)

  5. Expect to see a lot of mech. So far the lists I've seen are all mech except Tau.
    Land Raiders, Leman Russ and plenty of transports.
    Having so few anti-tank guns will not be good.
    Yes, the lists I've seen are participating in the coming noob tournament.
    Hope helps.



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