Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Batrep: Chaos vs Nids

Second battle I played this time vs CrazyRat. This was a 1000 point game in preparation for the tournament in Sept. Played the same list I played against Beef Nuggets in the previous battle report. 

Head on over to the Picasaweb link below for the full report: http://picasaweb.google.com/enrgie/ChaosVsNidsKP#5506196627015507410

Do drop your comments on the pictures too!


  1. Back camera?? Iphone default description?
    Whats the final score? 8-4 or 9-4?

    I think you made some mistakes in your deployment.
    Looking at the pictures now, you should have used the gargoyles to engage my oblierators to prevent them from shooting 1-2 turns and used the hive guards (deploy them near the tervigons) to blow up my predator.
    bone sword + lash whips eat DP for breakfast, I won't dare charged your warriors.

  2. I do like the perspective of the field of battle from different angles. Helps me to feel like i'm there lol!

    @crazyrat: Hey! The DP did good this time man! He has redeemed himself :)) Is the DP still with Khorne?

  3. I think it was like 8-4 at the end.

    Yeah, that's why I like these photos. Can really reevaluate the stupid mistakes I made!

    Sam, that's why I keep pushing for you guys to have a "primary army" that you can use for our battle reports. How nice it will be if we could put our batreps up with fully painted terrain and miniatures! Cool eh! We will be the first but I can't do it alone!

  4. @enrgie: I think the status of "primary army" will have to go to my BA Sanguinary Guard army. Its fully painted, but i didn't bring it here. Necrons will be at 1750pts this week.

    We do a battle/photoshoot when i get back? ;)

  5. @Skanwy

    Khorne was pleased with the DP that day. The DP took many skulls (nids). DP even managed to save bone swords atks and most str 8 shots, though he was eventually banished back to the warp by a point-blank shot from hive guard.



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