Thursday, August 5, 2010

WIP: Hive Guard

After the run of Airbrushing, I started work on the Hive Guard - middle sized creatures with T6, so they will remain on the table for a long time! This justified me painting them first!

You will notice that I have blocked in the main colours. I will have to go back and complete the 1st layer of highlights for the carapace, claws and weapons. Usually that will be enough to put it on the table and I will stop there until the rest of my army is completed to a similar level.


  1. They will learn to fear the Hive Guards.

  2. Their guns look really good and are pretty impressive game wise.

    Great tone on the skin. I think can keep the carapace mostly black with juz minimal highlights as they are the elite Hive Guard. They do look quite menancing already ;)

  3. I still have to work on the detailing later but you are right, I will stop at the correct level so that I can get working on the other minis!

    The guns still have to be cleaned up.



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