Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Forgeworld Conversion wip 4

bolter fit fail...


  1. like the contemtor!
    but why are they green?

  2. Who are you?

    download the "age of the emperor rules" dark angels are green...

    Black is just too boring anyways.

  3. Looking good so far man, but yeah he has a point. Pre-Heresy paint scheme was black...

    Hey, do what feels good though. It's your army.

  4. Exactly, old fluff IE rogue trader etc they were black. Not sure if the new fluff has them as always black though or if they changed after theheresy for some reason. ANd if so, why would the fallen have green armour lol

  5. Where you getting the fluff from Jay?

  6. quit hatin and download the AOTE rules

  7. Not hating, just wanna know where you getting your stuff from.

  8. for anyone whos read the PH dark angels books, the ones that got sent back to caliban with luthor are the fallen. Those guys where black armor. After the siege of terra, upon The Lion's return back to caliban, The dark angels on caliban succumbed to chaos powers and were scattered across the galaxy... Those are the fallen... This army is intended to cover the timeline during the initial rebuilding of the legion before The Lion disappears. These are known as the Unforgiven.

  9. Yeah, DA fluff has a lot of character... too bad currently DA aren't really good at anything. I'm getting this ready for 6th edition. Rumors are that DA will be featured.

    1. They are masters of tactical warfare.
      The Lion is a strategic genius.
      They are exceptional swordsmen - marines.
      Plus they have elite raven wing and deathwing units

  10. I'll help ya a little. DA's in pre-heresy were, mostly, black. All the Terran DA's were black. The units from Caliban started to wear green, in patches, just before Luther got sent home. It was the signify the forests of Caliban. The real reason that DA's are green is that GW screwed up on an order of paint. They switched the paints, Dark Angels Black and Salamander Green to Dark Angels Green and Salamander Black. I still have the paint pots that came in a starter box.

  11. LOL thanks for the piece of trivial information. I did not know this all started from a gw mistake.

  12. LOL but it all counts! How did you find out about GW's mistake?



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