Monday, March 19, 2012

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Rhinos WIP 1

- Airbrushed a 50/50 mix of the tamiya paints; I find tamiya paints are more matte finished, more suitable for tanks/vehicles.

- Preheresy style front section and side/top hatches.

Lets see if I can finish these 3 Rhinos by the end of the week! :)


  1. Airbrushing makes painting so much faster. I actually tried it on Nids too and man, awesome for batch painting.

  2. Then you should get one yourself too! I'm pretty sure you have more disposable income than time!

  3. Its a totally worthy investment. I know the initial cost of pump, regulator & brush + ventilation booth seems like a cash sink but you save paints, save time, save the environment from not using aerosol cans plus you can do certain techniques hare to mimic with a traditional brush.

    I highly recommend airbrushes.



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