Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tyrannofex - Size Comparison

I have to say I love this model. Put it together recently and man, it's HUGE!

I was supposed to do him up only when I finish my Orcs but I kept looking at the kit and started on it over the weekend. It's such an amazing kit. Few parts but so much details on the components. Just wish it was cheaper but I have put in an order for 2 more which will be constructed into Tervigons. 


  1. huge **** there, look at the puny orc.

  2. thats pretty big ray. what is this for? are you getting back into 40K?

  3. It's the Tyrannofex. It's the newest model. If you remember, this is the creature with the Str10 weapon. The only one that the Nids have to take out your armour 12 onwards.

  4. Its a sweet model! I dread yet hope to see it in the field of battle at the same time lol!



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