Monday, February 27, 2012

decent of angels - deepstrike fail

Recently witnessed a 1500 pts game - blood angels vs eldar and this was what happened. no joke...


  1. The vegetation must be at least T5. Its looking quite hard to traverse, even for the Emperor's Finest...

    But i cannot fault them for takin' cover, good tactic that. Except the cover seems to be takin' the marines lol!

    How did the battle go?

  2. the game was bases so each team had to protect their own table quarter while trying to take the opponents. I think the blood angels player is pretty new to the game. he took a black colored storm raven with many death co. he took 2 tactical squads with a las cannon heavy weapons choice sitting on his own table quarter.

    The eldar player took a bunch of prism tanks, wraith guard and some seers. basically, death co. disgorged out of the storm raven, failed charge, seers cut them to ribbons, deep strike assault squad rolled mishap so those guys were effectively tangled up in the trees. It was horrible for the blood angels.

    If anything, this game made me reflect a lot about deep striking and also how normal blood angels tactical squads are hard to mesh with the rest of the fast army.



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